All reservations must include a minimum stay of 2 nights. Minimum number of 30 guests apply. No Self Catering is allowed Please Note: Heavens View reserves the right to adjust prices on an ongoing basis Prices are for shared rooms, 3-6 gu

A-BLOCK: 5 X UNITS (bring own bedding, pillow, towels, bathmat, toilet paper, cutlery & crockery, mug, glass) Each with 2 single beds and 2 bunker beds per unit  (en-suite toilet, shower, basin) Sleep 6 in total B-BLOCK: 4

Menu Options Please bring and wash your OWN Crockery & Cutlery, Coffee Mugg & Glass for juice Coffee/Tea ALL Stations for the weekend  Usually a weekend menu would include: ·       &n

CATERING TERMS & CONDITIONS NO SELF CATERING We cater for minimum 30 people. Less than 30 guests you will be invoiced for 30 30 gaste is die minimum aantal gaste vir spyseniering Minder as 30 gaste, u ontvang 'n faktuur vir 30
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